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Twitter - but in the Linux terminal

The terminal is the natural habitat of many nerdettes and nerds - including mine.
The vice of social media, especially Twitter, is also involved. Both can be combined well.
As long as the terminal category is built in here at the Nerdbude (yes spoilers!) here's a little tooltip again for a wonderful little piece of software called twterm.

The name says it all. It is a Twitter client for the terminal.
Now there are some of them but twterm is a bit more special. On the one hand runs twterm with Vim-keys (nice!) and on the other hand, it is wonderful to obtain and install via Nix.


The installation is done quickly. You only need to add the Github repo to the NixOS channel:

Installation (NixOS)
nix-channel --add twterm

After this you can install it for your local user:

for user
nix-channel --update
nix-env -iA twterm

Thanks to fleaz (... again :D ). fleaz give me the Code-Snippet for the configuration.nix:

{ config, pkgs, ... }:
    unstable = import <twterm> {};
in {
    environment.systemPackages = [


The configuration of twterm lruns very simple over single config files. The files are stored in your $HOME directory, in the folder .twterm. The following config files are located here:


The config contains your credentials to log in to Twitter:

:access_token: XXXX
:access_token_secret: XXXX
:screen_name: XXXX
:user_id: XXXX

The keys.toml contains the keybindings with which twterm is controlled. Here is the content:

cheatsheet = "F1"
me = "m"
quit = "F10"
bottom_of_window = "L"
middle_of_window = "M"
top_of_window = "H"

The preferences.toml contains the configuration for the tool itself. Here you can also define how e.g. images should be handled (imgcat).

scroll_direction = "traditional"
inline = true
imgcat = true

So lots of configuration possibilities.
The tool was developed by Ryota Kameoka and was written in Ruby. You can find twterm on Github: twterm.

Thanks for the tool and have fun with it!

[2021-04-21] - adding configuration.nix code-snippet (THX fleaz)