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Mastodon in the Linux terminal

Musk bought Twitter. Whether it's broken as a result remains to be seen.
What it is, however: a good time to reactivate the old mastodon stuff that I have criminally neglected.
I think articles about what Mastodon is and how it works and is built will be all over the place the next few days or you can ask the nerdette or nerd you trust.

For Mastodon there are, as so often, a lot of clients and you guessed it, there is also a pretty cool terminal client.
That's exactly what we're talking about here. The name? Quite simple: toot

toot is a Mastodon terminal client written in Python - which is even relatively extensive. The terminal-user-interface is based on curses and is clearly arranged. On the left side is the history of all followed toots and on the right side is the content of the selected toot.
First things first. toot is available in the NixOS channels (but of course also on Debian, Arch, macOS, OpenBSD and others) so as usual, is either installed directly for the user:

nix-channel --update
nix-env -iA nixos.toot

But under NixOS it makes much more sense to put the whole thing into the configuration.nix. This works with the following entry:

environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [
in {

Boom! Done!
(That reminds me: I should urgently clean up my configuration.nix)


toot is started with the command of the same name:

$> toot

After the start toot show you all possible options to configure the client. toot have a lot of options to controll and configure the client. Here are some of them:

login - login with browser
login-cli - login with terminal
activate - switch between logged in accounts
logout - log out, delete stored access keys
auth - Show logged in accounts

tui - starts terminal user interface
whois - display account details{
notifications - display notifications
instance - instance details
search - search for users and hashtags
thread - show thread items
timeline - show recent items in a timeline

post - post a status
upload - upload video or image

... and some more. As already said, the individual commands are displayed directly to you.
So try it out and follow my Mastodon accounts as a test ;)


Have fun.

[2022-04-28] - remove switch rebuild command (THX