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If you're up for a little weekend soldering project, the ARTSEY might be something for you.
The ARTSEY is a one-hand keyboard with 2x4 keys. Characters are created on the ARTSEY with key combinations.
Thus, for example, the space bar can be reached by pressing all four lower keys.
In the ARTSEY runs the "holy" QMK and takes care of the key combinations.

Well - the ARTSEY is definitely interesting. But let's go a little crazy and build ourselves a "Split ARTSEY" the so-called "SPLITSEY".
Clearly the ARTSEY is intended for one-handed operation, which is no longer possible by splitting, but can play around a bit.


What do you need for the SPLITSEY:

1N4148 Diodes - 8 Pcs.
Switches - 8 Pcs.
Keycaps - 8 Pcs.
Microcontroller - 1 Pcs.
Material for Plate

You will also need a soldering iron, solder, cable and a cable that fits your microcontroller. If you want the plate made of wood, of course also drill and saw.


The elaboration of the plate is, due to the small number of switches made quite quickly. Transfer layout to your material - saw out - done.
In the recesses you pack your switches.


Now it goes to the wiring. As usual with keyboards there is a 1N4148 diode per switch and the switches are connected in row and column.
Then connect the rows and rows to the microcontroller and the grid is ready.
Here still the diagram for the wiring of the switches:

So much for the hardware. Let's continue with the software.


The firmware used is of course the QMK.
Conveniently, the ARTSEY is already in the repository of the QMK and can be used without any problems.

Have fun building!