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The Nerdbude has principles.
Should you wish to contact me regarding collaboration or the like, these principles and tenets should be yours as well.


The Nerdbude is my heaving, ever-growing, glowing, clicking and clacking dump for code, hardware, projects and odds and ends.
So primarily an outlet from my cortex to the outside world.
The articles are my personal opinions, projects or experiences and instructions
to projects of others. If something doesn't work for you or data is lost, it's not my fault.


I, and by extension the Nerdbude, act according to the principles of hacker ethics.

Access to computers should be unlimited and complete.
All information must be free.
Distrust authority - promote decentralization.
Do not judge by appearance, age, origin, species, gender or social status.
You can create art and beauty with a computer.
Computers can change your life for the better.
Don't trash other people's data.
Use public data, protect private data.

Special focus here is on point 04 and point 06.
Computers can be used to create a better and more efficient, humanistic and social future (point 06). However, this is only possible if we as humans also interact and deal with each other from these points of view.
We will remain at our current level as long as we are not willing to leave categories such as age, origin, species and gender behind and perceive people as people.
Accordingly, there is no place for exclusionary worldviews at the NERDBUDE, i.e. in plain language:

- Racism
- Fascism
- Homophobia
- Transphobia
- Anti-Semitism
- Among other inhuman views

Should a "But..." emerge in your head now, it will be nothing with a collaboration.
If you follow the same principles, then I look forward to contact.


The comment function in the true sense does not exist here.
There are several reasons for this. First, I do not want to collect data here. Second, the Nerdbude is written in pure HTML/CSS, meaning no PHP or SQL running in the background to enable a
Comment function to enable and thirdly, this is not to be a troll collection point here.

However, since I also make mistakes and I like to learn when I make mistakes
there is the possibility on Github to make an issue on each article. I then look at
and I will add the changes (with pleasure also with name or pseudonym) here.
Here are the whole articles on Github:

If you don't want to use Github you are of course welcome to contact me otherwise.


You are welcome to contact me here:

[MAIL    ] post (at) nerdbude (dot) com
[GITHUB  ] PH_0x17

0x05. RSS FEED

An RSS feed is of course also available:


The Nerdbude is designed as a blog. The newest articles will be displayed first.
You can always get to the index.html via [$NERDBUDE].

On the technical side, behind the Nerdbude is a fairly simple framework built in HTML5.
Colors, links, tables, paragraphs etc. are controlled by style.css
The syntax highlighting is done by CSSYN. A small CSS custom build that highlights code syntax in color without having to use Java Script (CSSYN (Github))
Posts, as well as design and HTML are written in the best text editor in the world - VIM!

No bloat and as simple and understandable as possible.

0x07. search

There is a search, but not with search form but very simple by using "CTRL + F".
It can be searched for the following tags:

[KBD] - Keyboards
[LOG] - News
[PRO] - Programms
[POD] - Podcasts
[SYS] - Operating Systems
[HDW] - Hardware
[COD] - Code
[REL] - Releases
[BAS] - Basics
[ART] - Art
[HOW] - How to
[VIM] - Vim Tutorials


Nerdbude does not set cookies itself, does not use trackers or similar spy-shit.
The connection is secured by SSL.
BUT! 100% security does not exist. The provider certainly tracks IPs and logs accesses.
I am working on moving the Nerdbude and host it myself. However, this still takes time.
When it is ready there will be an article about it here.


All Posts on the NERDBUDE are under "CC BY-NC-ND" licence.
Here is the post for the decision.


If anyone here notices something that doesn't work as it should or even really negatively exploitable, then please let me know using one of the options above.
Responsible Disclosure is the devise here!

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