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Frank from Teleprost had the idea (was it your Frank?) per day to post a podcast that is listened to with pleasure. Since I now listen to 8 hours of podcasts every day and most of them I really like, I thought I'd join in. This brings the podcasts that you like, possibly one or the other new listeners and that in turn makes the podcaster happy and besides I wanted long times a podcast list on the NERDBUDE The whole thing ran on Mastodon but so that the whole thing does not disappear, I pack here the complete list with all 50 podcasts in the NERDBUDE. The list is unsorted and the position of the podcasts in the list do not have the character of a ranking. Here you go - subscribe and listen. You can download the OPML-File or subscribe the single podcasts out of that list:

Teleprost [Filme]
Chaosradio [Technik]
Track26 [Neon Genesis Evangelion]
Once more, with feeling [Buffy rewatch]
Hack the Planet [Technik]
The Board [Technik]
Devil & Demons [Horrorfilme]
Man nerdet nie aus [Misc]
Minutenweise Matrix [Film]
CRE [Wissen]
Podlovers [Podlove Dev]
Zahlensender [???]
Secta [Sekten]
Ende mit Schrecken [Internet-Horror]
Where is the light? [Millenium]
Segfault FM [IT Security]
Ready for review [IT]
Zentonic [Nerdkram]
Saal 101 [Doku]
Request for comments [IT]
Duumvirat [Technik]
Alternativlos [23]
Philoscifi [Sci-Fi]
Das Hannibal Netzwerk [Doku]
Stay forever [Retro Games]
BRD Noir 1980 [Doku]
Hoaxzilla [Aufklärung]
The Thocc [Keyboards]
Darknet Diaries [Hacker Storys]
Sendegarten [Podcasts]
Audio:viel [Podcasts]
Datenkanal [IT]
Radio (In)Security [IT security]
Wartungsfenster [IT Administration]
Command Line Heroes [IT History]
WRINT [Holgi]
Percepticon [IT]
Deso - der Rapper der zum IS ging [Doku]
Herzbergs Hörsaal [IT]
Die Jagd [Doku]
Breitscheidplatz [Doku]
Wo wir sind ist vorne. [Dev]
Sience S*heroes [Sience]
Shibuya [Podcasts]
Rechter Terror [Doku]
Chaos Siegen [IT]
Null Uhr Eins [Horror]
Das Leben danach [Doku]
NDR Organisiertes Verbrechen [Doku]
Pentaradio [IT]

Have fun!