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Man nerdet nie aus

Podcasts come up here again and again. Why? Because podcasts are great and a lot of fun.
Thanks to the pandemic state (even if many act as if that is over - no it is not!) Podcasts sprout like mushrooms from the ground.
Of course, not all that glitters is gold, but there are always gems among them.

So also the "Man nerdet nie aus" podcast by Sabrina.
What it's about? Nerd stuff of any kind and since I can nerd out, I asked Sabrina whether I can not nerd out with her in the podcast.
In August it worked out and since yesterday evening the episode is released.
It is of course about keyboards and some metatalk about the hobby.
I can recommend all episodes to you. Whether the episode with me has become good you have to decide for yourself - the others I find in any case highclass.

Here is the episode: Ich löt' mir meine Welt, wie sie mir gefällt (Nice title :) ).
Here is the Podcast: LINK

So subscribe and listen!



[Seven_Keycaps]: "Tricky question, I don't know if tablets make sense in elementary school." you said on the NerdetNieAus podcast. As an elementary school teacher, I give you a "yes" back. I think for (digital) media literacy you need appropriate devices from grade 1 and tablets are the devices with the lowest barrier to entry."

[Answer]: That is of course a valid point. I'm never 100% sure what I think about that point, but seven_keycaps' comment gives me very good input from a teacher's perspective. When a teacher (and I'm assuming seven_keycaps has a high level of digital literacy here :) ) says that it makes sense to introduce children to digital media at an early age, that's a point I can certainly support.
(the conversation ran on Instagram and also went further. I'll leave it at the main comment, however, which hits it super)
Thanks for the input.