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[LOG] 15082022 - LICENCE

The NERDBUDE gets a license.

TL;DR: - Nothing is charged and remains open, free and available for free.

But to the beginning. Now I write here for two years stuff that should be for each:n and that for free. I don't want to earn anything with it and you should only have fun with it and no additional hole in your wallet. So far the principles. So far - so good. Now there are some copycats out there in the interwebs (the not so fine cat content on the internet) and so that my content is not used to pull money out of anyone's pocket here is a license now. Of course, a few people will now say: "No one wants to copy the stuff anyway.", but I'd rather play it safe and build here times ne license.


Now there is an enormous pool of licenses out there and it takes some stamina to get an overview. Now I click through the GPL in all versions, MIT Licence, Beeware and so on. But it is much easier. Why not a Creative Commons license. For one thing, they are very well documented, transparent and understandable, widely used and fit my needs perfectly. Which one has it become now?
The posts on the NERDBUDE will be under the "CC BY-NC-ND" from now on. What does that mean for you now?


The CC BY-NC-ND allows you to download and redistribute the content here. The only restrictions are:

[+] You have to name me or the NERDBUDE if you spread the stuff here
. [+] You may not edit or modify the content.
[+] You may not use the content commercially
Nothing more and I think this is the most suitable model for you and the NERDBUDE.
. The license can also be found above behind the "last modified" date. If it should change something you will see it there first.
If you want to use anything from the NERDBUDE beyond this license, contact the usual channels.