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[LOG]30082021 - Rebuild oder NERDBUDE 2.0

I was on vacation. My brain then goes into the mode to think of things that could be done.
Therefore, I've times sat down at the dearest NERDBUDE and tinkered.

The small changes first:

You now get a wonderful little "terminal" animation in the title of the NERDBUDE (of course without Java script ;) ).

No - that's not all and I didn't waste a week on adding a JS-free animation here.

Nerdbude now has a subtitle: "CODE. KEYBOARDS. TERMINALS. CYBER." I think that one is self-explanatory.

Next - the NERDBUDE is now also on Twitter [@nerdbude]. Here gives then from now on the news and links to blogposts, so follow numerous :)

But there are also somewhat major changes on the NERDBUDE. These are as follows:

On the index.html there are now "TAGS". The tags help to be able to classify posts.
So if you want to search posts for a certain tag in the future, "CTRL + F" and enter tag.
The tags will then be marked by your browser.

It's going international! The NERDBUDE is now available in German and English. You can select the language at the top of the menu bar.
Whether that makes sense or ├╝berhaubt someone reads? No idea - but there is the possibility.

Material that maybe shouldn't necessarily be a whole post here, but from now on will come irregularly as news-post.
Like this one. The posts are tagged as [LOG].

The last (somewhat) major innovation ... Suspense! ... Comes later. Because unfortunately my vacation has not been enough.
But comes very soon and will then be announced separately.

Maybe someone has fun with all the stuff.