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[POD] MNNA I talk with Sabrina about keyboards at Man nerdet nie aus Podcast. 2021-09-07
[POD] TELEPROST I was on the Teleprost Podcast and got to talk about everything that makes the nerd heart beat faster. 2021-06-01
[POD] MAC MITTWOCH I was allowed to be a guest at MacMittwoch. 2021-05-06
[POD] FYYD A podcast network with its heart in the right place. 2021-04-27
[POD] CLICK! CLACK! HACK! A podcast about mechanical keyboards 2021-02-02
[POD] SPRAWL RADIO The AudioCortex on Sprawl Radio Podcast 2020-12-01
[POD] AUDIOCORTEX The birth of a fine little sci-fi cyberpunk podcast network. 2020-11-20
[POD] HACK THE PLANET I was allowed to be a guest on the Hack the Planet Podcast 2020-08-02