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[MIS] MECHANICON Mechanicon 2023 in pictures 2023-02-02
[COD] 3SB The 3SB (simple static site builder). A simple CMS for the NERDBUDE 2023-01-31
[HOW] HIY II Which tools do we need and how to install NixOS on the Server 2022-11-29
[HOW] HIY I Host it yourself. Part 1 2022-11-24
[LOG] 20221115 Twitter is burning - time for something new! 2022-11-15
[MIS] MAGPI The MagPi Magazine write about the NB100 Cyberdeck 2022-10-27
[PRO] TLDR man pages are dead - long live tldr 2022-10-21
[POD] TELEPROST II Once again I was allowed to be a guest at Teleprost 2022-09-12
[LOG] LICENCE The NERDBUDE get a licence 2022-08-15
[HDW] NB100 The Amstrad NB100 Cyberdeck 2022-08-12
[POD] #1PPD The complete #1podcastprotag list 2022-07-15
[COD] CYBER23 Some color for your Linux 2022-07-28
[POD] DUUMVIRAT It is me in another podcast 2022-05-16
[PRO] TOOT Mastodon in the Terminal 2022-04-26
[PRO] TWTERM Terminal Twitter 2022-04-21
[KBD] THE PLAGUE A new frankenswitch 2022-04-12
[POD] RFR I talk about mechanical keyboards in the Ready for Review Podcast 2022-03-24
[KBD] DFK The smut booklet for keyboard nerds and nerdettes 2022-02-16
[KBD] PLAID PAD The building log for the Plaid Pad 2022-01-11
[VIM] VIM (VI) Integration and Fazit 2021-12-15
[VIM] VIM (V) The .VIMRC center of the universe 2021-12-13
[VIM] VIM (IV) Vim Plugins 2021-12-10
[VIM] VIM (III) The VISUAL Mode and his three sub modes 2021-12-09
[MIS] 23 The diskordian Hackbrett-end of the year-preaching 2021-12-08
[VIM] VIM (II) The NORMAL Mode, Split-Views, Tabs and Navigations 2021-12-06
[VIM] VIM (I) Vim WTF? 2021-12-03
[LOG] 14102021 A new feautre for the NERDBUDE 2021-10-14
[PRO] CANTO A terminal RSS feedreader including Vim keybindings. 2021-09-29
[PRO] VIMWIKI A Vim plugin to organize them all 2021-09-28
[MIS] CCC A loveletter to the CCC for the 40th birthday 2021-09-13
[POD] MNNA I talk with Sabrina about keyboards at Man nerdet nie aus Podcast. 2021-09-07
[LOG] REBUILD The NERDBUDE rebuild or NERDBUDE 2.0 2021-08-30
[MIS] METRICS I collect some metrics about ergonomics in mechanical keyboards. Be part! 2021-08-02
[SYS] NixOS 21.05 Every year NixOS gets an upgrade. 2021-06-09
[PRO] BORG Backups are important. For this purpose there is BORG. 2021-06-09
[POD] TELEPROST I was on the Teleprost Podcast and got to talk about everything that makes the nerd heart beat faster. 2021-06-01
[KBD] SPLITSEY A split-one-hand keyboard - and yes I know it makes no sense but it is fun. 2021-05-10
[POD] MAC MITTWOCH I was allowed to be a guest at MacMittwoch. 2021-05-06
[PRO] PAPIS Library and document management for the command-line. 2021-04-27
[POD] FYYD A podcast network with its heart in the right place. 2021-04-27
[SYS] NixOS Why not give nixOS a try. It's worth it! 2021-04-06
[HDW] PINEPHONE The PinePhone. Useful in everyday life? 2021-03-17
[COD] PODSTATS Podcast statistics without database but with dashboard 2021-03-04
[POD] CLICK! CLACK! HACK! A podcast about mechanical keyboards 2021-02-02
[POD] SPRAWL RADIO The AudioCortex on Sprawl Radio Podcast 2020-12-01
[POD] AUDIOCORTEX The birth of a fine little sci-fi cyberpunk podcast network. 2020-11-20
[COD] UNIT-1 A small fine Zsh Theme 2020-11-19
[HDW] ARPANET (II) Considerations for the hardware that will be used 2020-10-23
[HDW] ARPANET (I) the basics to the ARPANET in self-construction 2020-08-24
[POD] HACK THE PLANET I was allowed to be a guest on the Hack the Planet Podcast 2020-08-02
[COD] CSSYN a small syntaxhighlighter in pure css 2020-07-20
[KBD] DS article about mechanical keyboards in the central organ of the CCC 2020-07-15
[COD] XPM the *.xpm file format 2020-07-08
[COD] IWTB COLORSCHEME iwtb color scheme for more color in your terminal, vim etc. 2020-06-30
[PRO] XMONAD WINDOW MANAGER a lightweight and resource efficient wm for linux 2020-06-28
[KBD] DIY KEYBOARD (II) DIY keyboard (part 2) 2020-06-26
[KBD] DIY KEYBOARD (I) DIY keyboard (part 1) 2020-06-25
[ART] SYSTEMABSTURZ - VERDÄCHTIG creativity in the form of a cover 2020-??-??
[HOW] FLASH SD CARDS basics to get your favorite OS on a sd card or usb stick 2020-05-11
[HOW] HARDWARE INTERFACES addressing built-in hardware interfaces with the raspi 2020-04-19
[BAS] OSI LAYER MODEL structure of the seven layers in the OSI layer model 2020-04-10
[BAS] RAID raid types and structure 2020-04-08
[HOW] HOW TO DISAPPEAR out of the antisocial networks 2020-03-03
[ART] LORD NIKON rebuild lord nikons laptop (hackers 1995) 2020-02-20
[HOW] NMAP the basics of the nmap portscanner 2020-02-17
[HOW] NERDBUDE ON GITHUB the complete blog structure on github 2020-01-06
[PRO] SYSTEM MONITORING system monitoring tools 2020-01-05
[LOG] HELLO WORLD hallo world here is the nerdbude 2020-01-01