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I like to listen to podcasts a lot. From Akte X to babble podcasts to nerd stuff, it's all there.
Among other things, I stumbled upon the "Hack the Planet" podcast by Andreas Heil and Daniel Kirstenpfad
some time ago. and was lucky enough to be a diligent listener since the first episode.
Since it comes at some point to intersections with their own interests, I did not miss it from time to time my
Flap to tear open.
One of these intersections were and are mechanical keyboards.
So it came then also that one exchanged itself nevertheless over the one or other topic in the range.

I seem the two not to have gone on the nerves, otherwise they would not have asked me probably, whether I
because not even want to be a guest in the podcast.
Said - done. With proper stage fright and the one or other slip of the tongue, we sat down on Friday afternoon
sat down together - online of course - and talked for 3 hours about keyboards, VIM, Github's Arctic Code Vault, self-built Bartop Arcade
machines, and seasonal monitor bugs.

Here's the result:

It was a lot of fun despite initial stage fright and excitement, and it was a little dream come true at the
Hack the Planet Podcast as a guest.
Thank you so much!

Who wants to have more info about the two and the podcast:

Andreas Heil: @aheil(Twitter) // Hack the Planet(Blog)
Daniel Kirstenpfad: @Bietiekay(Twitter) // Closet Monster(Blog)

In conclusion, all that remains is to say, subscribe to the podcast and