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Now I move but already quite some time in the podcast universe. To be precise, since 2006 (passive) and since 2018 (active).
Since the beginning of the pandemic, there is (once again) a podcast wave. Everyone starts one, all want to become famous and rich with it.
Thus, of course, sprout hosters and platforms from the ground.
Spotify, Deezer, etc. are of course also long with it.

Now I think that podcasts should be freely accessible and basically free of charge. The possibility to support his favorite podcast, financially or however, has of course its raison d'ĂȘtre. Everything can - nothing must.
If one can live from supports, also beautifully. I do not want to deny anyone, because what is there better than to be able to live from what you like to do.

Now, however, many platforms are closing themselves off more and more and tend to save on transparency.
No Spotify subscription - no way to listen to podcasts that are only represented there.
I find the statement "No Feed - No Podcast" essential important and right.
Until recently, "Apple Podcasts" was also a directory that had to be served if you wanted to bring your podcast to the people.
Now Apple has announced to also offer paid podcasts. It is not a "must", however, as I find a step in the wrong direction.
In the course of this is also still the complete backend imploded and is now properly broken.

But now enough of the Rant!
It is once again time to put a wonderful project in the light.


FYYD is a podcast directory that deserves your attention and I asked EAZY the mastermind behind FYYD a few questions and got a hearty response.

EAZY = Eazy ;)

NB: What means "FYYD"?

EAZY: Nothing at all, basically. I always have a few domains in stock, so that I have something on hand in case of a spontaneous attack of projectitis. was already the domain for a couple of other, of course discontinued projects before the directory.
I could also do this on subdomains, but I'm a lazy person and like to have short domains.
However, there aren't many four-digit domains that can cause as little trouble as possible with other companies/projects, which is why I guard them like a treasure :)

NB: Since when do you host "FYYD"?

EAZY: I can't pinpoint that to the exact day, but it roughly started in the spring of 2015, with development running parallel to flattrboard.
FYYD then saw the first public light in early 2016.

NB: How many podcasts and how many episodes do you have in DB?

EAZY: Podcast: 37,971 and episodes: 6,310,197
This is - compared to most other directories - a very low number. There are several reasons for this:

1. I do NOT help myself to Apple and get info about new podcasts from there, as virtually all other directories do.
With me there's only handeinetragenes. Whether that comes from users or the podcast itself, is then again no matter.

2. I try to make sure that I have as far as possible no Karteileichen.
I regularly fail at this, but that also contributes to it.

NB: And last but not least a short overview of the used technology behind FYYD (DB, backend, frontend).

EAZY: Nice question :)
In general: this is a php project. Almost everything except stories in the backend is php.
Database: mysql for snappy access to simple stuff, elasticsearch for the search index.
Backend: this is a vicious mix of scripts in quite different languages, some php, some bash, some tcl(!). I mostly use the language I a) want to use and b) which is the fastest for me.
Frontend: The framework I use is called "fatfree framework". I love it. Naturally php, lightweight and comes with everything I need. The community is small but very fine and the developers I reach in doubt within a few minutes.
CSS+Co does uikit v2 for me, although that is now outdated.
I just can not get the curve to finally lift that to v3. Migration is not exactly my specialty :)


As you can see, FYYD is a project that definitely deserves to be supported.
A podcast directory with the right mentality.
Here you can find new podcasts, create and subscribe to curated lists or check out the FYYDiverse, but that's a whole other story.
By the way, the AUDIOCORTEX feed is also running at FYYD ;)

Thanks of course go to EAZY for patiently answering my questions.