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A little booklet for nerds and nerdettes

The CCH! has turned one year old. Now a podcast is more of an auditory medium (which I still love and will of course continue to do) and in a hobby full of treats for the eyes, it might also make sense to train an optical branch. I'm a big fan of DIY fanzines and since early youth I've always wanted to produce one myself. Unfortunately, that never became something due to time constraints. Fortunately, the possibilities have expanded considerably and what could be better than custom keyboards. Now there is a visual part for the Click! Clack! Hack! with the name: DAMN FINE KEYBOARDS.

What awaits you

The DAMN FINE KEYBOARDS is available as PDF download at WWW.DAMNFINEKEYBOARDS.COM. It is (at least in the beginning) a collection of custom keyboards - as a little reading for in between. The DFK is more or less the dirty booklet for keyboard nerds and nerdettes. But the DFK should also serve as a basis. What for the basis? That remains to be seen.
You can send pictures of your keyboards, keyboard art, poems or whatever comes to your mind. But you are also welcome to join in. There is always something to do. You can also find the contact on the website.

Of course there is also a Twitter account: @damnfinekeebs.

A small note: The DAMN FINE KEYBOARDS is of course free of charge and will remain so. In addition, the rights of the images are with the respective users who have sent the images.

So diligently follow and spread.
Have fun with it.