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I've been working on the NB100 Cyberdeck for a couple of weeks now and it's coming along nicely. But every now and then I need some distraction. So I went back to the typical project process and started a new one while one is running.
Since I'm working a lot in the terminal, Vim, Vifm etc., the whole thing has to look nice. Some time ago I had already started the IWTB. However, that has been revised and adapted several times since then. Besides the IWTB was rather trashy and unstructured. So I sat down to structure the whole thing and build it from scratch.

Since everything here has had quite a cyberpunk vibe for quite some time - and the colors are just awesome - the colors of the CYBER23 scheme have drifted a bit more into neon.

Bright colors and nice contrasts and the whole thing designed as a dark theme. So it fits perfectly into your dark hacker caves. In use, the whole thing looks like this:

Following tools are supported at the moment:
[X] Vim
[X] Vifm
[X] Terminal
[X] Rofi
[X] XMonad
[X] Xmobar
[X] Vim Lightline

Natürlich bleibt es nicht beim einfachen Shell-Theme sondern auch für einzelne Tools wird das ganze umgesetzt. You can find the theme here on Github. The individual tools work currently basic, but it still needs a little fine-tuning. Have fun with it.