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Click! Clack! Hack! Podcast

What do you do when you have projects? Right! Start even more projects.
That's why there is now the "Click! Clack! Hack!" Podcast.
A podcast about mechanical keyboards and everything that goes with it.
Hardware, software, cases, news, cables, community, keycaps and and and.

The podcast also has its own section here. Here's the link to the page: LINK
You can also reach the podcast page by clicking the "[+]podcast.txt" button at the top of the menu.

No data is collected, of course, as on the rest of the nerdpad. However, iTunes may collect data.
You can, of course, simply download and listen to episodes on the site.

Click. Clack! Hack! is of course also on Twitter: LINK
By mail you can of course also reach me: MAIL

The first regular episode will be released soon, so best subscribe and you won't miss an episode!
Now have fun with the first episode