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I love podcasts. Podcasts of any colleur run here daily. From nerd stuff, technology, hacks, programming to sci-fi.
The worst part though is getting new podcasts. Sure there is FYYD but even there you have to painstakingly search for your podcasts.
So what's the best way to gather concentrated podcasts on a topic? Right. A podcast network.
So there is now the AUDIOCORTEX in the vastness of cyberspace!


So if any of the readers here also enjoy devouring sci-fi / cyberpunk / futurism podcasts like I do, you'll find it here.
Or you have your own podcast in this area. Then please contact me and I'll put you on the list!
Who wants to mix in the background can of course also like to get in touch!

There is still much to do! Who likes it is welcome to spread the project in the vastness of cyberspace and / or follow us on Twitter!

Have fun discovering.